SAVE THE DATE: McLeod Lecture on Higher Education

Featuring Lorgia García Peña, professor of Latinx studies at Tufts University and author of “Community as Rebellion: Latinx Colonialities in Global Perspective”

Lorgia García Peña is a professor of Latinx studies at Tufts University, the co-founder of Freedom University Georgia, and the author of three books: Translating Blackness (2022), Community as Rebellion (2022) and The Borders of Dominicanidad (Duke 2016). She is the co-editor of the Texas University Press series Latinx: The Future Is Now and the co-director of Archives of Justice. She writes and teaches in English and Spanish about the intersections of blackness, colonialism and migration, centering Black Latinx lives.

[UPDATE, 4/11/23: Date change from October 12 to October 4.]