Austin Dziwornu Ablo

BECHS-Africa Fellow, Spring 2022
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    • MSC 1071-153-207
    • ST. LOUIS, MO 63130-4899
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    Ablo is a senior lecturer at the Department of Geography and Resource Development at the University of Ghana. He earned a PhD in development geography from the University of Bergen (Norway) in 2016. His research interests revolve around urban studies, natural resource governance, entrepreneurship and development. 

    With a disciplinary background in human geography, Ablo draws upon relational perspectives, political ecology, political economy as well as organizational and institutional approaches to explore human-environment interactions at multiple scales. His research focuses on urban sprawl, land-use change, housing, private urbanism, natural resource governance and politics, climate change and environmental sustainability, entrepreneurship and employment, gender, and rural development.

    Ablo is working on a Norwegian Research Council-funded project “Enclaving: Patterns of Global Futures in Three African Cities.” Focusing on the metropolitan cities of Accra, Maputo and Johannesburg, the project produces new and empirically supported knowledge on the globally relevant phenomenon of enclaving, including the way this a) impacts and shapes heterogeneous patterns of urban housing, b) relates to dynamics of inequality, and c) is integral to cultural orientations which are generative and transformative of the urban order. During his fellowship, Ablo will explore research funding opportunities, conduct a systematic literature review and draft and complete several articles based on his research.