Daily Prompt Responses - June 3

June 3

How do you make yourself sleep when you can’t seem to get to sleep?

Here’s how your Scholarly Writing Retreat colleagues answered today’s question!

1. Put my phone away in the living room. 2. Listen to guided meditation and some white noises I like. 3. Diffuse essential oils 4. Establish bedtime routine. I began to use the app sleep town recently.

— Summer Sun


I make sure my muscles -- especially in my face and my shoulders -- are relaxed. Usually, they are not! Then, I try to let my eyes unfocus (part of the muscle relaxing) even while they're closed and try to visualize a dark nothingness. 


Listening to some relaxing music/good podcast helps. Or just do a bit more writing!


When I'm having trouble sleeping, I'll listen to a calming meditation track, or one of the "sleep stories" in the Headspace app. Doing a breathing and/or body scan meditation right before bed helps too.

— Eliza


Headline image: Damian Stolar on Unsplash