Daily Prompt Responses - May 21

May 21

Let’s bring back controversial food opinions! Here are some examples: “Fruit does not belong in or on pie” and “All beer tastes the same.” What’s your unique take on food? 

Here’s how your Scholarly Writing Retreat colleagues answered today’s question!

Leave mushy food to the babes and kids. Down with mashed potatoes and guacamole, and down with any pudding (rice, tapioca, etc.) or jello that has other things in it (cottage cheese is also in this category)! Food should have structural integrity. Willing to duel over this.

— Claire Class


Meat and sweet should never be combined (i.e., honey BBQ chicken, pork, salmon == NO!).

— Emily


I love durian-I mean the taste, not the smell:)

— Summer Sun


Cereal is a type of cold soup.


"Well done" steaks are more appropriate for discus than consumption.




Headline image: Nathan Anderson on Unsplash