Welcome Reception and Installation: ‘Nuh-Mi-Bee-Uhn’

Miriam Gleckman-Krut and Kavena Hambira are currently in residence with the Memory for the Future (M4F) Studiolab, a yearlong graduate seminar and practicum supported by the Center for Humanities’ RDE Initiative. Gleckman-Krut and Hambira are collaborating on written and cinematographic work to think across Germany’s 20th-century genocides, including the genocide of Herero and Nama in Namibia in 1905 and the Holocaust. During their residency, they will work with M4F students and faculty and the St. Louis public to explore artistic and scholarly representations of the struggle for reparations and reconciliation and other forms of reparative memory. More information on Gleckman-Krut and Kavena Hambira: https://www.m4f.community/m4f-projects/germanys-forgotten-genocide. 

Light refreshments served.

The event will take place in the studiolab classroom at the Lewis Collaborative at 725 Kingsland, steps north of the University City Public Library in the Delmar Loop. Parking is free at the north entrance of the building, and a shuttle is available for easy transport from the Mallinckrodt Bus Plaza on the main campus.