Faculty Seminars Grants

The Center for the Humanities is pleased to offer one-year and three-year grants to support seminars on a particular subject or theme. There is no set formula for the seminars, but they should be self-organized by the participants, have an ongoing core membership, meet at least twice per semester, and participants and guests must use the forum as a way to present and discuss informally their own work as it relates to the theme. Seminars can be associated with or structured around an existing graduate seminar course, although it is not necessary for the course to be maintained for the term of the grant award.

The one-year grants will be for the amount of $3,000 for the seminar term, while the three-year grants will be in the amount of $3,000 per year. The grants should be used for defraying the costs of speakers and other expenses directly related to the successful operation of the seminar (e.g., publicity, seminar refreshments, audio-visual support, books, accommodations of visiting speakers, and photocopying). Grants cannot be used in connection with off-campus entertainment.

Important dates & details

Application Deadline: February 15, 12 PM CST

Award notification: By March 15

Grant period: Academic year (September 1–May 15)

Eligibility: Tenured or tenure-track Washington University faculty


    How to Apply

    Applications must include:

    1.   Completed and signed Faculty Seminar Application Form (see link below)

    2.   Narrative (no more than 1200 words). Within the narrative, applicants should explain:
          o   The theme of the seminar
          o   Its importance
          o   The people whom it is expected to attract
          o   The type of product the seminar is supposed to generate: for example, an edited book of essays, a team-taught
          course, a new undergraduate minor, or something else

    3.   Short CV for the secondary convener and each co-convener (no more than 2 pages each)

    4.   Letters from at least four faculty members expressing their intention to be regular members of the seminar.

    Application download: (link to application form)

    Application requirements: Submit applications as a single pdf to: cenhumapp@wustl.edu using the following naming convention for the application pdf: Seminar Title Faculty Seminar (e.g., Cultural Transformations and Youth in the Age of New Media Faculty Seminar)

    Evaluation criteria: Proposals are reviewed by the Director of the Center for the Humanities and chosen by a faculty committee. If there are more applications that clearly fulfill the goals of the program than can be funded, the seminars selected will be those that seem most likely to make a substantial contribution to the progress of the participating members’ research and contribute to the development of innovative humanistic interdisciplinary dialogue.

    Grant administration: Seminar grants are administered through the Center for the Humanities. Grants cannot be used for off-campus entertainment expenses.

    • Grantees are expected to adhere to the administrative and financial policies of the university and those specified in the Center for the Humanities’ “Guidelines for Conveners” issued to grantees upon award notification.
    • All funds must be used within the grant period. The Center for the Humanities will not reimburse for expenses incurred after the end of the grant period even if grant funds remain.
    • The Grantee will be required to give a detailed report of the expenditures of the grant at the end of the grant period and submit a short (one- to two-page) narrative account of the seminar by June 1.
    • The Grantee or one of the members of the seminar group will submit an 800-1,000 word article about some aspect of the group’s activities to be published on the Center for the Humanities website. The deadline for this article will be arranged by the Grantee and the Director.
    • Public announcement of seminar activities must contain an acknowledgment of support by the Center for the Humanities. Publications resulting from grant activities must contain an acknowledgment of support and the following sentence: “Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the Center for the Humanities.”





    Grant Recipients