Slideshow: The Kling Fellowship Journal

The Center for the Humanities prides itself on creating research opportunities not only for faculty and graduate students but for undergraduates as well. Through the Merle Kling Undergraduate Honors Fellowship, the center supports exceptional WU undergraduate students for two years of sustained humanities research under faculty mentorship. At the end of the two-year Kling Fellowship, the center then provides an opportunity for these students to publish their research through the Kling Fellowship journal Slideshow, which was combined with its sister Mellon Mays journal The Inquiry between 2009 and 2012. Click on each link below to access a PDF of the publication.

Current Issue

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Past Issues

Slideshow 2020 (special digital edition)

Christian Baker, “Enter the Five Percent: How Wu-Tang Clan's Debut Album Maps the Complex Doctrine of the Five Percent Nation”
Fiona Eckert, “‘Incorporated to Be a Sewer:’ A Historical Analysis of Industrial Pollution in Sauget, Illinois”
Tanvi Kohli, “A Diasporic Quest for Power: Jagmeet Singh, Hybrid Whiteness, and Genocide”
Lopaka O’Connor, “‘America’s St. Helena’: Filipino Exiles and U.S. Empire on Guam, 1901–03”
Mónica Unzueta, “Articulaciones Feministas: Contemporary Bolivian Feminisms and the Struggle against Gender Violence”
Erica Williams, “To (Not) Be on One Accord: The Ivy Leaf, Footwear, and Mobility in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated”
Jane Yang, “Main Melody Recomposed: Deconstructing the Wolf Warrior Phenomenon”

Slideshow 2019

Seth Blum, “Contested Waters, Contested Futures: The Environmental Imaginary and Depoliticizing Water in the Jordan Valley, 1967-1972”
Helen Li, “‘China's Reality’: Teachers' Responses to ‘Left-Behind Children’ in a Town in Rural Sichuan”
Byron Otis, “The Eyes of Women in Dutch Genre Painting”
Abby Rochman, “‘Either the Republic Will Be Universal or It Will Not Be’: The Bicentennial Parade of 1989 and a Symbolic Argument for French Grandeur in a Post-Cold War Europe”
Nathaniel Young, “Authenticity in Production: Violeta Parra and the Cultural Project”
Lexi Slome, “A Tough Nut to Crack: A Study on the Syntactic Mobility of Idioms”

Slideshow 2018

Hilah Kohen, “A Tale of Two Androgynes: Missed Connections in the Anglophone Canon of Russian Literature”
Patrick Goff, “Breaking Down the Beer Wagon: Man is Man (1926) and Bertolt Brecht’s Conception of an “Epic” Radio Drama”
Noah Arthur Weber, “Language Teacher as Author: Narrative Experimentation in Lao She’s Xiaopo de shengri (小坡的生日, Little Po’s Birthday), 1931”
Sophie Lombardo, “Contested Ownership, Contested Narratives: Robert Kempner and the Nuremberg Archive”
Nathaniel Young, “Authenticity in Production: Violeta Parra and the Cultural Project”
Allie Liss, “Disrupting Agency Through Transportation: Place and Space in East St. Louis, Illinois”


Slideshow 2017

Marie Bissell, “Mapping Prejudice: A Perceptual Dialectology Approach to Evaluating Language Attitudes towards Southern-Perceived Speech in the United States”
Shivani Desai, “Centering Women’s Voices: Global Narratives and Local Realities of Obstetric Fistula, Contested Spaces and Decisions of Care”
Shaun Ee, “The Voice of Kenya: Competing Visions of Nationhood in a Postcolonial State”
Max Hofmeister, “Alternative Agriculture: Breaking the Industrial Mold and Establishing ‘Organic’”
Emily Murphy, “The Violin in a World of Violence: Enslaved Fiddlers and the Racialized Social Roles of Music in the Antebellum South”
Mary-Claire Sarafanos, “Tell It Slant: Emily Dickinson, the Dash, and the Daisy”
Jessica Thea, “The Politics of Plague: International Intervention in a Neoliberal State”
Allie Liss, “Commemorating the East St. Louis Race Riots”

Slideshow 2016

Caleb DeLorme, “Indigenous Tradition as Literature: The Case of the Wichí Narrative”
Nikhil Dharan, “From Atmosphere to Empire: Britain, India, and the Nitrogen Problem in the Era of the First World War”
Katelyn Mae Petrin, “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Future”
Marie Bissell, “Oxford Dictionaries: Policing the Boundaries of the English Language”
Shaun Ee, “Regarding Your Last Comment: What the Study of Fanfiction Has to Say About the Study of the Humanities”



Slideshow 2015

Chelsea Bhajan, “Liming: A Reflection of Where We Are and Where We Have Been”
Marie Draper, “Influence of Instructor Beliefs, Biases and Language While Teaching Undergraduate Physics”
Lily Jacobi, “‘Make Him Know Who You Are’: Agency and Victimization in the Lives of Trafficked Women”
Gyoonho Kong, “Translating a Hybrid Poet: Foreign Presence in the Poems of Yi Sang”
Aine O’Connor, “Marching Season: Identity, Memory, and Sectarian Politics in Northern Ireland”
Sonya Schoenberger, “Civilizing Combat: The American War in the Philippines, 1899–1902”


Slideshow 2014

Sarah Gallo, “Spirituality as an Act of Surrender in the HIV Illness Experience”
Nathaniel Hyman, “The Antinomian Crisis: Revisiting Power Dynamics in Early Massachusetts Bay Colony”
Maggie Ingell, “Mature Faith Development and the Exclusion of Atheists”
Allyson Scher, “A Literary Mode of Mind”
Eunhye Oak, “Doctors, Nurses, and Healthcare Reform: The Extended, Changed Physician in Modern Medicine”
Tianqi Wang, “Thanks Be to Words: A Student’s Foray into the World of Lexicography”


Slideshow 2013

Alex Tolkin, “Anonymity, Polarization, and the Online Sphere”
Fahim Masoud, “The Economic Rise of China and Its Implications for the United States and the World”
Prateek Kumar, “Old Perspectives, New Frontiers: Ethnomusicology and Healing Traditions in Music Therapy”
Jessica Kapustiak, “Constructing Identity through Juxtapositions: The Implicit Purpose of Against Heresies




Slideshow & The Inquiry - 2012

Stephen Aiken, “Violence In Ideology: The Meeting of Existentialism and Communism in Richard Wright’s The Outsider”
Annie-Rose Fondaw, “Mapping the Sound: St. Louis’s Black Geographies and the Frameworks of Hip-Hop”
Ezelle Sanford III, “Re-thinking the “Black Hospital”: Race, Community, and Healing in the Jim Crow and Contemporary Eras”
Parsa Bastani, “From the Whores’ House to the Husband’s Domicile: Labeling the Culprit of Venereal Diseases in Semi-Colonial Egypt”
Caleb Bess, “North Sarah HOPE VI Mixed-Income Community: A Progressive, Yet Inadequate Approach to Catalyzing Urban Revitalization Efforts in Downtown St. Louis”
Liz Jordan, “‘Oil Made Pickaninny Rich’: Sarah Rector and the Social Construction of Race”
Mariana Oliver, “To Buy or Not to Buy? Mutual Assistance Housing Cooperatives in Uruguay and the Challenges of Shifting Ideologies”
Marcia McIntosh, “Steven Barnes the Mythmaker: The Representation of the Black Hero in the Speculative Fiction Novels Lion’s Blood and Zulu Heart”


Slideshow & The Inquiry - 2011

Michael Dango, “All in the Family? HIV/AIDS, Disability, and Informal Caregiving Networks”
Betty Gibson, “‘Drawing is Nonetheless the Female and Painting the Male’: The Rehabilitation of Color and Decoration by Henri Matisse and His Critics”
Howie Rudnick, “A Coincidental Cup of Kenyan Coffee: SNCC and Malcolm X Recast the Struggle in Nairobi”
Kimberly L. Daily, “Meet Me at the Crossroads: A Revitalized Analysis of Race, Preference, and Affirmative Action”
Naia H. Ferguson, “‘Nigga What, Nigga Who’: ‘Nigga’ as a Tool of Characterization and Social Critique in The Boondocks”
Thomas Hernandez, “Knowledge, Society, and the State: Civil Society Participation and Legitimization through Transparency Initiatives in Azerbaijan”
Maria Santos, “Senderologist Literature: Gendered Language and Representations of Women in the Shining Path”
Monica Smith, “Jim Crow’s Middle Class: An Examination of the Socioeconomic Impacts of Devolution on Colorblind Legislation”

Slideshow & The Inquiry - 2010

Greg Allen, “Persuaded by the Echoes of Their Own Voices: How Cognitive Biases Crucially Influenced the Bush Administration’s Decision to Go to War with Iraq”
Robin Ashley Meyer, “The Quest for Convivencia: Conflicting Ideologies of Language in the Basque Autonomous Community in Spain”
Travis W. Proctor, “The Battle in the Soul: Demons, the Logos and the Purpose of Justin Martyr’s Apologies
Laura Soderberg, “Sharing a Borrowed History: American Literary Nationalism and the Pull of the Orient, 1850s – 1880s”
Tiffany A. Johnson, “Finding a Voice Amid the Silence: An Analysis of Social Reproduction Theory in The Wire
Selam Kidane, “Church and State: The Relationship Between the Orthodox Church and the Italian Colonial State in Colonial Eritrea”
Latasha Kinnard, “A Tale of Two Discourses: Coming Over to the ‘Better’ Side”
Tim Shaw, “Charting the Benefits of Relationships: A Case Study of Appalachia Service Project”
Marley Williams, “Indigenous Peoples and International Law: A Case for Indigenous Mobilization”

Slideshow & The Inquiry - 2009

Felicia Baskin, “(Re)Constructing Mexico: The 1900 Universal Exposition as a Testing Ground for Models of Post-Colonial Mexican Identity”
Alana Burman, “‘We Can Only Know What We Can Truly Imagine’: Feminist Utopian Fiction and the Utopian Social Project of the Second Wave”
Zack Kimble, “Secure Property: The Role of Local Government in Chinese Economic Reform”
Michael McEvilly, “‘Push, or the World Will Be Deceived’: Imagistic Thinking Through Humor as a Means to Maintain Indirect Communication in Kierkegaard’s Attack on Danish Christendom”
Andrea Winter, “Coercion and Battered Mothers: Not Entirely Helpless nor Entirely Empowered”
Bobbie Bigby, “Tourism, Ritual Authenticity, and Agency among Naxi Dongba Priests in Lijiang, China”
Mimi Li, “Sexuality, Class, and Race: Reconfiguring Masculinities in Contemporary Men’s Fashion Advertisements”
Kimberly Short, “In a 90s Kinda World, I’m Glad I Got My Girls: An Examination of Living Single’s Portrayal of African American Affluence in the 1990s”
Ashley Williams, “State Sovereignty and Human Rights: An Examination of Genocide in International Law”
Luis-Michael Zayas, “La Cueca Chilena: A Case Study in Musical Nationalism”