Declaring the Medical Humanities Minor

The Medical Humanities minor may be declared in WebSTAC beginning in the spring semester of the student’s freshman year or any time thereafter. Once students declare in WebSTAC, they will be instructed to meet with Prof. Corinna Treitel, director of Medical Humanities, after emailing her ( their short (150-200 word) responses to the three questions about the medical humanities:

  1. What, in your view, is the relevance of the humanities to medicine; and what is the relevance of medicine to studies in the humanities? You may address this question generally or you may focus your answer more narrowly on a particular humanities field or fields, such as philosophy, history, art, literature, music or women, gender and sexuality studies.
  2. Map out an ideal course of study in Medical Humanities at Washington University, in which you engage with two primary disciplines (history, language and literature, art history, performing arts, philosophy, etc.). Explain why you want to undertake this course of study and what you imagine to be its short-term and long-term goals and outcomes.
  3. Consider one example of a dominant concept of health, disease, the body or medical care that has changed significantly over time. In your view, why is it important to understand this history?