Scholarly Writing Retreat 2015

The Center for the Humanities is offering its second annual Scholarly Writing Retreat from May 19–29. Led by Erin McGlothlin, the initiative offers WU humanities faculty and graduate students the opportunity to jump-start their summer writing in a motivated, supportive, and collaborative atmosphere. Participants will bring their laptops and research materials to the Center for the Humanities and work intensively (but quietly!) on their individual projects in communal spaces, following a schedule of focused writing periods, lunch breaks (participants will bring their own lunch or eat at the DUC), coffee breaks, and group discussions of optimal work strategies and writing practices.

A limited number of spots is available; participants will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants are not required to attend the entire duration of the workshop.

For a glimpse of the experience, check out this article​ the humanities center posted about last summer's writing retreat.
To apply, please send a short e-mail to expressing your interest and specifying whether you’d like to attend the entire retreat or only a portion of it (and when). For more information, please e-mail Erin McGlothlin (