Scholarly Writing Retreat 2016

During the week of Commencement and the following week, the Center for the Humanities invites faculty, post-docs and graduate students to a scholarly writing retreat in our center workspaces. Although this year we do not have a faculty sponsor to lead discussions and readings, we learned from our past attendees that the retreat’s benefits include:

* Productivity goals — Jump start your summer writing on a book or dissertation chapter, article, book proposal, etc.

* Community — Meet scholars from around campus

* Short-term structure — Establish a summer routine

* Focus — Work in a space free from the usual distractions of departmental or home office

* Snacks!

Participants may attend as many days of the retreat as they wish or their schedule allows. 



Center for the Humanities

Umrath Hall, Room 201

Tues.–Thurs., May 17–19, 9–4 pm

Tues.– Thurs., May 24–26, 9–4 pm