Daily Prompt Responses - May 19

May 19

What song best describes your current state of mind? (Go ahead and tell us why, if you’d like!) 

Here’s how your Scholarly Writing Retreat colleagues answered today’s question!

Come out and play by Billie Eilish. “Wake up and smell the coffee. Is your cup half full or empty”? :)

— Summer Sun


I have a 10-month old baby so here are....drumroll...songs that keep me awake enough to write:
-Heads Will Roll, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
-Do I Wanna Know?, Arctic Monkeys
-Electric Pow Wow Drum, A Tribe Called Red
-Dark Necessities, Red Hot Chili Peppers
-I'm Slowly Turning Into You, The White Stripes

— Katharina Rynkiewich




Although not a precise song, while working, I like to alternate between two stations on Pandora: Sounds of Nature and Tango Alegre (Instrumental). When I’m feeling more distracted, I turn to the nature sounds.

— Emily


“Alive” by Pearl Jam


The song that best captures how I want to be feeling right now (as opposed to how I usually do feel) is Kygo’s remix of Whitney Houston’s “Higher Love.” It’s nostalgic, uplifting, and great to dance to!

— Claire Class


“Sunday Morning” by The Velvet Underground

— Rebecca


Headline image: Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash