Daily Prompt Responses - May 20

May 20

Sun, city, mountains? What’s your ideal getaway? (Go ahead and tell us why, if you’d like!) 

Here’s how your Scholarly Writing Retreat colleagues answered today’s question!

I’ve always loved the ocean and beaches in tropical places. But after living in one for 4 years, I have also learned to better appreciate the mountains that were a lot closer when I was growing up (in Colorado). Lately, though, I've been pining for a getaway to the southwestern U.S., to go hiking and rock climbing in Moab or something similar. Big skies, moon landscapes, high desert flora and fauna. In all cases, my ideal escape involves a good deal of solitude, silence, and the outdoors.

— Eliza


“Rome! By all means, Rome. I will cherish my visit here in memory as long as I live.”  — Roman Holiday (1953)

— Summer Sun


Usually I love the city but right now I am craving the high desert of the mountains or the pounding surf of the ocean (is that sun?). Open spaces and the smell of salt water or sage. As I write this, I realize I miss the northern California coast, where there is both the salt and the sage, with a lot of wild rosemary too.

— Nancy


Mountains (sunny ones & relatively close enough to a city)

— Shanti Parikh


I would love to say "all the European capitals!" but really I'm most comfortable on the beach.


Without question, my ideal getaway is home to my parents’ farm in rural Missouri … quiet, fresh air, rolling hills, abundant wildflowers, peaceful grazing cows, an overly energetic farm dog, curious cats, nature hikes with my niece and nephew, meals with my family. Alas, internet is abysmal, otherwise, I would be working from there throughout quarantine (except for fear of unknowingly exposing at risk members of the family to the virus by travel).

— Emily


Headline image: Eberhard Grossgasteiger on Unsplash