2017 First Book Workshop & Information Session

Modeled after our successful and well-received Grant-Writing Workshops, the morning information session and afternoon workshop are designed to provide real-world instruction both from decision-making editors and from colleagues who have recently published their first book, plus the opportunity to hone your own book proposal. Even if you have only a paragraph, abstract or page about your book idea, you are welcome to attend. 

1) Information session
Monday, April 30, morning – lunch provided
I. Getting Started: Advice from Series Editors 
II. Publishing Your First Book: Perspectives from a University Press 
III. Lunch panel — What Works and What Doesn’t: Lessons Learned from the First Book Experience


2) Book proposal workshop
Monday, April 30, afternoon (part 1) - light refreshments provided
Monday, May 7, morning (part 2) - light refreshments provided
Small-group workshopping of book proposals to be submitted to a press. Led by a senior faculty member, participants will give a critical reading of one another's proposals and offer observations at the first meeting. At the second meeting, participants will share their revised proposals.